Thursday, May 18, 2017

Everyone has their own concepts on what makes a successful business.  However, research points to four key ways in which businesses can build trust within their organizations and with people they do business with.  Reliability, openness/honesty, competence and compassion are important to develop within a business, not only for the employees, but for the customers as well. 

Here at Wilcox Furniture, we strive to implement these methods in our daily business. This has helped us to establish employees who are loyal and dedicated to their job.  Some of our employees even started as customers! Here's what one of our long time employees has to say about her experience with Wilcox:
     "Wilcox Furniture and my family go back a long way.  About 56 years ago we purchased three rooms of furniture: a bedroom, living room and dinette set, all for $799.95. We also purchase a stove and a small refrigerator.  This furniture lasted us about 12 years, then we gave it away. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work for the company and see that the product Wilcox carries has improved tremendously.  I am proud to say I still work for Wilcox Furniture and enjoy the compliments we get on the quality of furniture we carry.  We have come a long way."

Monika will be celebrating 48 years of employment with us this year. We want to thank her for the many years of hard work she has given to us.  She continues to be a dependable employee and a great asset to the Wilcox Furniture family. 

Monika at her 45th Anniversary Celebration

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