Friday, May 26, 2017

Delivery Day Excitement!

You did your research and homework to select the best furniture that would fit perfect as a glove in your room.  You're excited to see how it will measure up to your ideas of decorating and dressing up your home.  You cant wait to see that delivery truck pull up in front of your home! But until it does, what are some things that you can do to make the delivery of your new furniture a success??

1.  Lets begin with measuring the door ways.   In order to ensure that your new furniture will fit perfectly in your home, its a good idea to measure the door from the inside of the door jambs.  You want to measure both the height and width of each door that the delivery men will have to go through.  Take note of how wide your door(s) open and accommodate for doorknobs.  Choose the doors that might offer the most generous space and the fastest route.

2.  If the furniture is going to a second floor, measure the width of your stairway (taking into account the handrail and post) and the height from the top and bottom steps to the ceiling.  Make sure the furniture will fit both the width and height on any landing and walkway.

3.  A clear path to the final destination makes for a successful delivery.  Plan the route and clear out any obstacles that will interfere with bringing in the furniture.  Plan for all the twists and turns that the furniture might need to take as it is brought into your home.  Take into consideration any chandeliers, accessories, existing furniture, etc.  By planning ahead, you can save a lot of time and hassle when your furniture arrives.

4.  The most important step is to make sure that all existing furniture has been removed from the area.  By taking this step, it will expedite the delivery of your furniture.  Unfortunately, the insurance company will not cover any accidents caused by moving out the existing furniture.

Once you've done all the measurements, you can be sure that when the furniture arrives, all will be a a success!  The delivery team will do all of the heavy lifting and setting up of your new furniture with your paid delivery.  Then the joy of decorating and dressing up of your furniture is all thats needed. By measuring doorways, stairways, clearing the pathways, and planning ahead, the delivery day will be both exciting and successful!

Also be sure to take advantage of our delivery tracking tool.
All you need to do is make sure you have your invoice number, or the phone number used to set up your account, and you will be given a window of time as to when to expect your new purchase.  Happy delivery!

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