Wednesday, March 15, 2017

 Satisfaction Worth Waiting For!

When it comes to furniture, I see people from time to time settle for what they can get right now. They take what is available, because they don’t want to “wait” and that is ok. This always brings a question to mind though, and please think about it. If you always settle for what you can get, when do you get what you really want?
Over the years we have all experienced long waits, for many things in our lives. It is not the most pleasant experience, to be sure. Unfortunately, waiting is part of the cost of getting what we want. Today we are culturally geared to wanting and getting things right here right now. We have online everything (can anybody say “Amazon”)!
Look at all the “fast food “places: while they may or may not be the best, they are the busiest. Even if you are getting your super deluxe “Big Mac”, ordering it 11:30 AM you'll get it way faster than if you order it at 12:15 PM. Timing to plays a part in waiting for what we want.

The time we are willing to wait for an item is in direct proportion to what that item does for us, means to us, how it makes us feel. Furniture is one of those things that we may have to wait for, but the wait is worth it.

We use furniture to display our style, give a room a certain desired look, and it is furniture that we live our lives around! It's the family gatherings, holidays, special events with friends and loved ones that bring memories, fun, and comfort into our lives.

The expectations we have for furniture are huge, so you should be satisfied with your selection. We at Wilcox Furniture have a variety of selections to choose from.  Many are available now and we also have some that are worth waiting for.  Our mission is to make you a satisfied Wilcox customer now, and in the future.
March 7, 2017

"Drop Your Drawers!"
It's time to take control of your clothes!

You may think it a bit unusual, but we at Wilcox actually study drawers.  No, not your drawers, but the drawers that fit in our bedroom furniture.  I remember when I was a kid my mother stuffing the drawers so full that the bottom of the drawer fell out.  So when the drawer opened, I had socks and underwear leaking out the bottom! Liquid clothing? I don't think so.  Another problem I remember is that the drawers were difficult to pull out.  If you didn't pull evenly on both handles, the left side would be stuck and the right side would be out far enough that you could only see half the drawer. Or what about the drawer that snagged your favorite pair of dress socks?! Its even worse for you women, right?
Because of the different costs associated with our bedrooms (like beginning price points all the way to the top-of-the-line) you'll see every kind of drawer construction there is.  So there is a trade-off.  You'll need to decide how much you'll want to spend for the types of drawers you'll want to enjoy in your new bedroom. 
So, lets talk briefly about the drawer "box" itself and the different construction styles that you will want to look for.
You need (and want) a drawer side that will not separate from the drawer front or back.
English Dovetail has been around for centuries and is a great invention! This series of interlocking joints (mortise and tenons), will provide strength and durability over the length of use.  It's one of the more difficult joints to construct, but the best; therefore, it is more costly to you! Essentially, you get what you pay for!
Another style is the French Dovetail.  This is also a mortise and tenon, but if you'll notice that the drawer front is one long mortise and the drawer side is one long tenon.  So really it is one joint, verses the dozen or so joints that you have with the English Dovetail.  We sell many drawers with the French style, and it works well.
Some other manufacturers have a "butt" joint.  this is the least desirable and could be subject to problems in the future.  It is put together with glue and some staples! You'll find this on "entry level" bedroom groups. 
But what about drawer guides?!
Full extension ball bearing drawer guides are the best and most costly! But they are so cool! The more you pile in the drawer the  better they work! They're whisper quiet and will easily last the life of the bedroom group!
Many bedrooms (even the higher end) have wood or "metal on wood" glides.  These are good, and will also give you good performance over the life of the bedroom. 
So to sum it all up, English Dovetail is the best.  Full extension ball bearings are the coolest and quietest.  So when you shop, don't over look the most important thing after the look, and that's the quality of the drawers! If they're built right they'll last! So go ahead: Drop your drawers!

February 28, 2017
5 Hacks for Sleeping better with a Cold
Cold got you down?
Ugh, cold season has arrived – just in time to Grinchify us for the winter. Sleep is a crucial part of kicking the cold even though it may feel more stressful than restorative. Not to mention, symptoms tend to worsen as bedtime approaches.

The coughing and runny nose started so Sherlock Spallone put on the stethoscope to investigate 6 ways to enhance your sleep while battling your abominable cold.
1. Choose the best sleeping position

Many people prefer to stack on an extra
pillow when unable to sleep with a cold. This may cause your head to sag forward, worsening your breathing problems. Try using a foam wedge that lifts your upper body and helps the nasal packages drain. If you don’t have a wedge, layer pillows to form a triangular shape.
 If you wake up with one side of your nose blocked, try switching positions. Laying on your back may worsen a postnasal drip – try sleeping on your side. Also try a nasal expander, a band-aid for your nose with a spring inside.

2. Maintain a consistent room temperature
 Don’t be tempted to overheat the room because you have a cold. Keep the temperature at a comfortable level: 71f - 76f . The humidity in the room is important too. Dry air can worsen your cold symptoms and parch your nose and throat.

3. Don’t drink alcohol
Sure, it will make you drowsy. But
alcohol will dry you out, swell your sinuses and react badly with your cold or flu. Wait into until you’re feeling better and enjoy a Christmas mimosa.

4. Stick to your nightly routine
A cold can make it had to stick to your typical bedtime. But it’s best to wake up and head to bed at the same time as usual when you’re sick.
Sticking to a schedule not only makes it easier to fall asleep – it can assist in fighting off the next cold. One study suggests that people who don’t get enough zzz’s are three times more likely to catch a cold than those who get 8 or more hours of sleep a night. 

5. Have a soothing drink before bedMany people lose their appetite when the cold kicks in. "You don't need to increase your fluid intake when you're ill, but you do need to make sure you don't get dehydrated," says
Dr Eccles. "And hot drinks are very good, particularly at night time." Higher calorie drinks like Ovaltine or hot chocolate can help you sleep. More calories equal better sleep mode.

February 14, 2017
10 Things Great Sleepers Do Consistently
Sleep better to live better with a few simple tweaks to your routine

If you’ve had a great night’s sleep, your morning coffee is a bonus, not a personality changer. Trouble is, many Americans suffer from sleep deprivation – almost 50%, according to some studies. Even worse, long term sleep deprivation can lead to serious health issues and, in some cases, early death.

Improving our sleep health begins with re-envisioning ourselves as brilliant, first-in-class sleepers. If you’re ready to sleep better (and live better) get ready to adopt these sleep-boosting attitudes from great sleepers.
10 habits of highly effective sleepers

1. Practice stretching in the evening
Stretching later in the day reduces pent up muscle stress and helps you begin the relaxation needed for sleep. If stretching is new to you, start slow and don’t overstretch.

2. Give yourself permission

Understand that your work will never be done and that a good night’s sleep will help you be more productive and creative. Allow your mind to rest so you can start tomorrow strong.

3. Set an alarm for going to bed

What time do you want to wake up and how many hours do you want to sleep? Do the math and back it up to light’s out time. If you need to be in bed early, skip the nap and forego coffee by 2 pm so you’ll be able to fall asleep earlier.

4. Add an hour for powering down

Start turning off all your screen devices an hour before you hope to fall asleep. Spend the last hour before bed quietly chatting or reading a good book – a real book with pages. The
back light from electronics and TV wake you up rather than relax.

5. Grab a snack before bedtime

Say yes to bedtime snacks like peaches and Greek yogurt, or parmesan cheese toast. They have just the right amount of carbohydrates and protein for sleep.

December 8, 2016
Everyone has the same goal in mind when it comes to the look of your home...unique. You want to be sure that your home is one of a kind. How can you make that happen? By shopping at Wilcox and buying furniture from Best Home Furnishings! 

The focus for the American based, American made company, is selection. While most companies can offer a handful of products in a few select covers, Best gives you THOUSANDS of style, fabric and finish combinations! With so many options to choose from, you'll know the furniture piece you create will definitely be exclusive to you! 

Even better, when you shop from Best, you know you are getting the highest quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. After over 50 years in business, Best knows the formula for success....They don't cut corners in their building process! Their fully automated computer scan and cut systems ensure they read and cut out any defects in the wood; high stress points are reinforced with deep penetrating truss plates; and even the sewing goes through a deep inspection! They have an 18 point checklist that ensures you are getting a quality product that will last you for years to come!

So if you are looking for your pick of furniture, choose Wilcox and shop the customizable
pieces of Best Home Furnishings. With the flexibility of styles, fabrics and finishes you are sure to find furniture to complement your home. After all, you are one of a kind, why shouldn't your furniture be?

November 29, 2016
There is nothing better than a furniture collection that you can take pride in! That's exactly what Vaughan-Bassett creates every time a new piece of furniture comes to life! Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company takes pride in bringing you well-crafted furniture at affordable prices.  They are the largest manufacturer of wooden adult bedroom furniture in the country! To top it off, 100% of their furniture is crafted right here in the United States by American employees. 

As a well respected company, you can put your trust in the pieces they create: Like the Bedford Collection.  
Available in three different finishes, this collection is sure to complement your home. The slat headboard and footboard have a slightly inverted arch shape which gives this poster bed a simple appeal.  For more visual interest, the bed posts feature chamfered corners for a unique shape.  Casual elegance will come easy with the addition of the Bedford bedroom furniture collection.

Be sure to check out our YouTube video to get more info on Vaughan-Bassett and their commitment to our future and environment with their participation in the "One for One" program. 

With Vaughan-Bassett you are getting unmatched quality and value! 

November 15, 2016
"They're here!"
Soon all of our homes will be ringing with the sound of our children or spouses saying this exact phrase! Not quite prepared? Make sure your guest bedroom will be ready for all of your expected, and unexpected, visitors this holiday season. 
Our Bedroom Design Assistant can help walk you through exactly what you should be looking for in a guest, or master, suite. 

What are the first things you need to consider? Well style and color of course! Is your home more traditional? contemporary? country? or are you more modern and looking for something a little more on the metropolitan side? Once you've determined what decor style, and the color, that will go with the rest of your home, then she'll introduce you to the different type of bed styles that you need to consider. 

Next, our assistant will teach you how to have a properly balanced room, especially when you are looking for multiple pieces for one room. 

She will also show you what your furniture needs to have to make sure your purchase is a good investment and will last you for years to come. 

So don't let the holidays come and catch you unprepared!  Watch our Design Assistant, follow her few simple suggestions. and be sure you make the right choice in your new guest, or master suite collection!

November 8, 2016
The holidays are just around the corner and now is the time to get your home ready. Are you looking to add a motion piece to your living room? A recliner is the best way to add comfortable seating without taking up too much space. There are so many companies, sizes and features available, how do you know which one to buy? 
On our Wilcox Furniture YouTube Channel, we have just the video to help you make the best choice. 

Under our Furniture Assistant Channel, you will find a few different videos to help you with your furniture purchases.  A new furniture addition is a big decision and its easy to feel lost in a sea of chairs! Our Franklin Recliner Assistant will show you what you need to look for when buying a new recliner.  

There are four things you need to remember and our handy assistant will explain each one.  She will even walk you through how to find the right size recliner to fit your body type! To make it even easier, our assistant shows you the huge benefits in buying Franklin recliners. Be sure to check it out and feel 100% confident in your purchase! 

October 25, 2016

Whether you’re moving into your first family home, or maybe just updating the look of your home, Wilcox Furniture has helped you find the perfect pieces to match your style.  But now you need to add those little touches of you into your home.  Need some inspiration??? Be sure to follow our Pinterest page and find the board that best suits what you’re looking for.

For those of you living by the water, we have a board just for you: Coastal Home.
Here you will find some of the best pictures to help you decide on that perfect occasional chair/sofa/or accent furniture. Need some paint ideas to fit your theme? We got that to! There’s even some beach inspired décor you can incorporate into your home… rope wrapped candle holders anyone?

Are you totally in love with HGTV’s hit show Fixer Upper? Are you trying to channel your inner Joanna Gaines? Check out our Magnolia Home board!
Magnolia Home Furnishings was designed by the one and only Jo! And Wilcox Furniture is the only store in the Coastal Bend area to carry her beautiful collections.  On this board, find some of the best-selling pieces that we have in store and grow your country chic design knowledge!

Maybe you’re thinking “I’ve got my house designed exactly how I want it, I don’t need any of that!” Good for you! It’s the best feeling to have your house looking like you’ve always dreamed. But does it smell like you imagined??? Our Helpful Tips board is the one for you!
There’s a pin on the 10 best deodorizing tips, 7 ways to make your house smell like a million bucks, and the most popular: how to get your home to smell like Christmas (it’s easier than you think!)

Whatever advice or inspiration you’re looking for, odds are, we have it all saved in one easy place for you: Wilcox Furniture on Pinterest!

October, 18, 2016

Everyone wants a master bedroom that’s as unique as they are; something that can only be referred to as a sophisticated retreat. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bed as unique and regal as the Lenox bedroom from Avalon Furniture.

Lenox Collection from Wilcox Furniture
The bed features a hand-padded platinum painted finish paired with button tufted upholstered sections in the headboard AND footboard. It’s bordered with reverse-beveled antique mirroring that adds vibrancy and depth.

The other pieces of this collection will turn you bedroom into a haven that you’ll love spending time in. The nightstand and media chest, for example, makes charging a breeze, with both pieces housing sets of USB chargers. Not only is the collection distinctive, but it’s also extremely functional and practical.

You’ll love beginning and ending each day in your master bedroom with this beautiful bed. So hurry in to Wilcox Furniture and turn your bedroom into an upscale oasis that’s fit for royalty!

October 10, 2016
As you get ready for your week, theres school and soccer games, work and board meetings, but don't forget a family dinner! We have the perfect table for you.  The Annendale Collection from New Classic will make coordinating your style and preferences easy!

Annendale Collection- Counter Height

Annendale Collection- Dining Height

 This collection is available in both a traditional dining table or a counter height and can seat a family of 4 or plenty more easily.  The 18 inch table leaf can be added in for those big dinner parties, or leave it in for more seating available all the time.  

The turned legs and antique tobacco finish provide a clean look that will go with any decor.  The hardwood solids and veneers ensure quality construction and peace of mind.  Watch our feature video to get an up-close look.  The only choice you have to make is which height you prefer!  Bring the family together for dinner and enjoy what Annendale has to offer!

October 4, 2016 
It's Tuesday, which lets face it, doesn't feel much better than a Monday. And there is one thing that everyone looks forward to after a long day of work, RELAXING!

That's where the Samson Casual Recliner comes into play! 
Samson Recliner from Homestretch
This casual recliner is made for comfort and style. It's exactly what you need to unwind and relax.  With an easy to use recline mechanism, you can put your feet up and feel that unparalleled comfort.  Split seat and seat backs pair with the plush pillow top arms for a look and feel that wont go understated in your home. 

What could be better? Ultimate comfort, with an easy to maintain covering is the best combination! Watch the Youtube video to see the other colors that are available and see more details about the next addition to your home furniture collection. 

September 29, 2016
Today we are doing a Throw-Back Tuesday blog, and remembering our founder Mr. Wilford “Bill” Wilcox. He was born May 25, 1914 in Iowa. Coming from Sioux City he moved to Corpus Christi, and in 1953 set up the first Wilcox Furniture, then known as a Quonset Hut.
Mr. Wilcox (Back Center) in a family portrait from the early 1920s.

The first store was a Quonset hut on the 5900 block of Lexington, which is now SPID near Airline. 

It was a no frills store, with no running water, and no bathroom. He made his own deliveries with a trailer pulled behind his 1950’s Chevy.  Within ten years, he employed 40 people and used four large trucks.

Mr. Wilcox (second from right) with some of his first employees next to their delivery truck. 
But the furniture business wasn’t the only thing he accomplished! He helped found and served as board president of Family Debt Counselors in 1970, which helped people with debt issues.  He and his wife, Marcia, furnished the local women’s shelter, gave rocking chairs to hospital maternity wards and actively supported Driscoll Children’s Hospital.  Marcia volunteered at the hospital, and after her passing in March of 1990 the Marcia K. Wilcox Scholarship fund was set up to send Driscoll cancer patients to college.

After Marcia’s death, Mr. Wilcox married Helen Magill, a longtime competitor of Magill Furniture Co. Both continued working in their stores through the 1990s.  Though out his life, he succeeded in opening a total of three retail outlets, all of which are still operated by the family.

Mr. Wilcox continued working until one month prior to his 95th birthday. He passed away January 18, 2015 at 100 years of age.  His history and hard work will live on. We here at Wilcox Furniture strive to make sure his work ethic and his stores carry on the legacy he started so many years ago. 

Find the whole story on the Caller Times website. 

September 20, 2016
It doesn’t matter your style choice, Wilcox Furniture has the right living room groups for your home.  One of the best contemporary collections is the Barton Sectional from Franklin.

This living room collection is perfect for large families, easily seating four or more people.  It features neutral color tones and decorative toss pillows to add a touch of flair.  

The Barton Sectional
The sectional features Comfort Grid Seat Cushions, which ensures that you are extremely comfortable as you sit down to relax at the end of the day.  What makes the cushions so special? Watch the YouTube video and see the comfort that you are missing out on! 
To make this an even better fit for your family living space, the seat and back cushions are reversible! Flip them over, move them around and extend the life of your piece.  

Be sure to add the coordinating ottoman for even more seating! With this collection the seating options are endless! 

Hurry in and make the Barton Sectional the newest addition to your home.   

September 13, 2016
                                                                            MADE IN THE USA
The Whiskey Barrel Collection at Wilcox Furniture
A label many look for in their search for great quality furniture.  That's what you get when you buy from Vaughan-Bassett furniture company.  Proudly manufactured in Virginia and North Carolina, Vaughan-Bassett is a founder of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and strives to be an industry leader in producing environmentally responsible bedroom furniture. 
Their number-one priority is providing their customers with unmatched service, quality and value.  Wilcox Furniture is proud to be a local retailer for this great furniture company!  

One of our favorite groups is the Whiskey Barrel bedroom collection.  Like the name implies, the inspiration comes from the wood of barrels used to age whiskey.  The sleigh headboard features solid wood planks in either a dark roast or gray/brown finish. Each finish is enhanced by a unique wire brushing and timeworn distressing process.  

The fashionable rustic style makes this collection a smart choice for your decor. From the ring pull hardware, down to the transitional bracket feet, the Whiskey Barrel collection is a style that will only improve over time.  

Not convinced?  Watch the YouTube video for more closeups, or come check out this collection in store today!

September 6, 2016
If you're looking for a modern age tech savvy group with all the gadgets, the Excalibur Collection from Franklin is it!

Both the sofa and loveseat have more features than you could ever hope to have. Lets start off with the power recliners, and power adjustable backrests.  While it may seem like a luxury, you will soon find that having power reclining furniture and its customized position capability is a necessity for your home.  You can stop the recliner seat and back with simultaneous movement at whatever position best suits you.  No more glares on the TV, no uncomfortable back positions, and all at the touch of a button! Check out the sofa in action on our YouTube video!

The three seat couch features a drop down table top with aerial lights, so pull out a book from the flip-up storage arms and sink into a comfortable and relaxing afternoon. Or use the storage space for remotes, or tablets, for a tidy living space. For even more convenience, take advantage of the USB charging ports that are built right in!

To make these features even more appealing, is the actual sink-into comfort provided by the Wow Seating System unique to Franklin Corporation.  They have developed a special combination of premium springs and gel injected seating foam to deliver the best seat in your house!

Excalibur Collection

You won't be disappointed by the luxury in this wonderful collection by Franklin!

August 2, 2016
Furniture that's made well.....that's Flexsteel.
After over a century of manufacturing, Flexsteel has created a line of furniture that's not only built to last, its nice to look at; and most importantly, it keeps you comfortable!
Looking for a great investment piece? Look no further than the Latitudes-Dandridge Collection. 

Latitudes-Dandridge Collection
Each of these motion pieces feature pillow arms, pad-over-chaise seats, and channel-tufted backs all draped in luxurious leather.  Its the lounge experience you can't forget! To make it even better, each piece has the ability to fully recline at just the touch of a button. Thanks to a counter-balanced linkage system, you can stop your reclining chair or sofa at any and every angle. It's truly the best option for customizing your comfort to your body!

Perfect for family rooms and game areas, this power reclining group will quickly become a family favorite.  So hurry on in to see this one of a kind collection for yourself! Or check out our YouTube video for more information.  

May 2016,

The first shipment of the Magnolia Home Furniture has arrived in our Corpus Christi Sunrise Mall location! Hurry in and check it out! And keep checking back as we will be receiving more shipments in the coming weeks.  
Magnolia Home - Joanna GainesJoanna Gaines
To see some of the items we will carry, check out our website!

March 29, 2016


A furniture line deigned exclusively by Joanna Gaines, of HGTV's TV Show "Fixer Upper".

"This isn't about designing furniture, this is about creating timeless pieces that help tell your home story" says Joanna. And that's exactly what these pieces will do! From industrial or French inspired, to traditional or farmhouse, with this new furniture line you will find something to complement your home style. 

Starting May 2016, Wilcox Furniture will be the only local retailer to offer Magnolia Home Furniture.  Here are a few samples of pieces soon to be on display in our Corpus store off of SPID.

Joanna's unique style and design ideas will be available to you! Get some ideas now from her blog and get ready to shop in store May 2016!

June 30, 2015

Bring the highest level of comfort to your living room with the 120 collection from Homestretch Furniture.  Pair the entire collection together, or choose between a sofa, loveseat and recliner.  Each piece reclines back with a footrest to put your feet up on and relax. 

The 120 Collection from Homestretch: Check out the YouTube video on this Group! 

The pieces are covered in faux leather that is soft to the touch in a Dixie Espresso finish making it easy to pair with any color scheme.  The rolled arms and nailhead trim add a touch of style that makes this collection a statement in your living room.  Gather everyone together to sit in the best seat in the house!  

Homestretch Furniture is a domestic manufacturer of upholstered reclining furniture.  The ultimate in comfort and function at a competitive price, HomeStretch products allow consumers to stretch their legs and their dollars. So come on...put your feet up!

June 16, 2015
We are coming back to introduce a new collection by Avalon Furniture.  
Avalon Furniture sources its products from high quality factories.  they offer tasteful, sophisticated designs at an incomparable value.

The Dundee Place Collection is a beautiful, elegant master bedroom suite. The attention to detail is like no other you would find at this price point.  Cherry Veneers are completed in a dark finish for a look that will add depth and style to your bedroom. Waist moldings, turned feet and pilaster details create a traditional style that will transform your bedroom into a relaxing oasis. 

Just wanted to share a special video for our staff here at Wilcox Furniture! We just celebrated 45 years working with Monika! Thank you for so many years of hard work! 

February 25, 2014
After a little hiatus, we are back to feature a fabulous new group.  Introducing the Alicante Mansion Bedroom by Wynwood. 

For more details, be sure to check out this group on our website!
With this bedroom group you can bring decorative appeal into any room, whether its for your master suite or a guest bedroom.  The panel headboard and footboard feature a smooth curvature and unique floral carvings.  Finished in Antiguo Cherry, this collection is crafted out of sturdy pine and burl veneers, and pine solids. Each piece showcases intricate detail within the carvings, molding and veneer accents. Complete your bedroom with dresser/mirror combination.  With 9 spacious drawers, and two doors, there is plenty of storage space for clothes, blankets, or whatever you need! Dont need that much storage? Try out the media chest! The three drawers and two shelves provide just enough room to fit all of your media accessories. 
Whether your looking for a stylized bed, dresser, nightstand, or other piece for your bedroom, you cant go wrong with the Alicante collection. 

July 2, 2013
In 1902 J.D. Bassett, his brother, and brother in law started Bassett Furniture. For more than 100 years Bassett has been perfecting the art of building furniture, all made in the US. They have a commitment to comfortable furniture that will last for a long time, and they will not compromise on their high standards of furniture. 

What makes Bassett so unique is that you can either choose from several ready-made options, or if you’re feeling creative, completely customize your own! Since no ones home or personalities are ever the same, the ability to create something that’s one of a kind sounds impossible. But with Bassett you can do just that and have your custom upholstery in just 30 DAYS!!!

On their website, Bassett walks you through step by step to create your exclusive living room set. From the size and type of seating, to the smallest detail, you can make your living area look the way you've always dreamed. Here's a sample of the steps involved to customize your look: 

And with over 1000 fabrics to choose from, including leather, the options are endless.  When you buy from Bassett, an iconic American brand, you can be confident in knowing you are getting quality furniture that will last for years to come. 

April 10, 2013
Rich Merlot your idea of winding down? The Meadowbrook Manor Collection from HGTV Home Furniture is right up your alley!  It provides a timeless style in your home that only grows better with age.  Finished in a rich cherry and a sophisticated glaze, this collection has a wide appeal.  Merlot not your thing? This collection also features pieces with an innovative new Graphite finish.  

Inspired by Georgian and Colonial homes, the smooth look of this group reflects the authentic style of older, traditional neighborhoods but with fresh, updated appeal. Signature accent pieces feature a harlequin pattern while accents bring a sophisticated sparkle to the room. 

Elegant yet practical, the Meadowbrook Manor collection is the new look of a Classic decorating styleFor more information on the Meadowbrook Manor Collection, click here.

March 6, 2013
Looking for the classic cottage style with a fresh point of view? That is the definition of the HGTV Home Furniture Water's Edge Collection.

True to tradition, the feel is casual and comfortable.  The warm white finish is classic, but the updated interpretation brings a new energy and versatility to the pieces that lets your imagination run wild.  

The fabric colors and patterns (pictured on left) are cool and exciting.  They will easily pair with any piece of the collection and allow you to personalize your home.   
For an example of this new interpretation, look at the dining collection pictured on the right.  The boardwalk finish on the ash top gives a very natural appearance to the table. And the wing chairs?  

The experts at HGTV say "A dining wing chair that sits nicely under a table as a host or hostess chair can also be put to use for extra seating in the living room." Not only does it add versatility to the collection, but it also adds color to your dining setting.  

Classic yet casual, clean yet a bit eclectic.  The Water's Edge Collection is ideal for the coast, or anywhere that calls for relaxing in style.

 To see the rest of the collection, and get more details, click here!

February 26, 2013
For a new look on retro elegance, the Classic Chic Collection is just what you need! Inspired by 20th century classic modern, its got all of the qualities that you loved in vintage furniture with an updated twist. 

Graceful curves unite with clean straight lines, and rich walnut grain patterns are enhanced by ivory highlights on many signature pieces. The color scheme for this collection does all the work for you.  From colors like Grandeur Plum and Maison Blanche, the fabrics coordinate together, allowing you to mix and match collection pieces and color.

Smartly scaled but very big on style, Classic Chic is equally at home in an urban high rise or mid-century American ranch.

Much like Hollywood movie sets of the 30’s and 40’s, the Classic Chic Collection is elegant, 
but not stuffy. It is clean, but not plain. Just add a bit of imagination and Classic Chic opens a 
new world of decorating possibilities.

February 6, 2013
With all of the wonderful collections in the new HGTV Home line, you really can't go wrong in whichever you choose.  Each collection has a new take on furniture for the bedroom, dining room and living areas.  If you express your design style as "rustic yet refined, traditional yet updated" then the Woodlands Collection is a match!

The Woodlands Collection offers a few new twists on the classic Cottage style.  The details are what create a fresh new experience.  

Samples of the Details in the Woodland Collection
The worn dark pier finish gives a more rustic appeal to the collection, while the detailed paneling in the headboard, and rich inlaid cabinets allow the group to be used in suburban homes as well as cottage retreats.  
Comprised of multiple pieces for a full home transformation, the result is a totally new style that creates a comfortable and warm, inviting atmosphere.  This collection features beautiful living room, dining room and bedroom furniture including chairs, sofas, beds, dressers, dining table sets and even accent furniture.  

January 30, 2013

Introducing the HGTV Home Furniture Collection at Wilcox Furniture!

For more than 99 million US households, HGTV is a trusted source for home and garden advice and inspiration.  Now the creative minds behind your favorite shows have gathered together to come up with a furniture collection that does the design work for you.  Every item is a fresh take on two timeless styles everyone loves: Modern and Classic.  

Each collection has different looks that allow you to mix and match.  And with over 300 pieces, every room in your home is covered.  From big pieces like bedroom furniture and dining tables, to accents for any room, decorating has never been so simple.

To make your life even easier, these design experts have even equipped their furniture with extra features, like hidden plugs and charging stations to keep your life "tangle-free." The drawers are durable, ready to stand up to daily use; the seat cushions are made of resilient high-density foam to last even after years of use; and the pieces are all crafted with heavy duty interlocking hardwoods.  Each piece of every collection is tailored with careful attention to detail.  

So hurry in and check out these exclusive collections at Wilcox Furniture;  and check back here every week for more details on the HGTV Featured Groups! 

October 31, 2012

A big CONGRATULATIONS goes to Mayra Rios! She is our "Best of the Best" drawing winner for the free recliner! 

October 31, 2012
Steve Silver is one of the country's premier suppliers of dining sets and occasional furniture.  They strive to provide the best quality product at an irresistible price, to back it up with uncompromising service, and they continue to improve ever day. Because of their high commitment to excellence, Wilcox Furniture is proud to be an authorized seller for Steve Silver product.  

One of the most popular groups is the Lakewood Dining Collection.  The group perfectly blends old traditional style and modern designs.  With different options, you can pick the right table, chair and bench collection that suits your home.  

The standard dining height table extends form 60 inches long to 78 inches with the use of the 18-inch leaf.  With plenty of space, you can add the number of chairs that you need to gather all your family and friends around for a great meal.  Or for a smaller dining area, switch out some chairs for the matching bench!

The Lakewood Collection- Standard Height on Left: Counter Height on Right
The counter height table features the same great details, just with more height.  The table extends to a full 60 inches with a 20 inch leaf.  Each side chair features a diamond cut out at the backrest and vinyl upholstered seats.  Add in a counter bench and enjoy a comfortable dining room that everyone will love!

Whatever your preference, the Lakewood collection offers a variety of options to make the group perfect for you.  And with the dark oak finish, you can be sure that it will be in style for years to come!

September 24, 2012

Comfortable, casual and convenient:  Those three words can describe the James collection by La-Z-Boy.  Perfect for family rooms and entertainment areas alike, this collection offers a matching sofa, loveseat with console, and recliner- everything you need to lounge with family and friends. 

The James Collection
For more info on this group, check out our YouTube!
From the topstitching detail, to the bucket seats with fully padded chaises and pillow arms, this collection offers exceptional style and cushion from head to toe.  Ease your body into the position of your choice with the easy-to-use recline mechanism and create your perfect lounge experience.  The reclining loveseat is built with functionality in mind with a built in center console, providing excellent storage for eating and drinking.
Whether you're looking for a motion sofa, loveseat, recliner (or all 3!) the James Collection is the ultimate lounge ensemble, perfect for creating a relaxing and welcoming home.

July 24, 2012
As part of our Grand Re-Opening Sale, we've made some BIG changes around the store.  Not only are we bringing in new inventory, we've also brought in a new look to our store.  

This is our new "Bubble Wall!" Pictures can't do it justice.  With thousands of bubbles flowing against a color changing background, its something you have to see for yourself.  So come check out our new "Bubble Wall" and all the other changes that we have made, all with you in mind!  Even better, through out July and August, come in and register for a chance to win free furniture! That's right, FREE! You can't let this opportunity pass you by.  Hurry in today!

June 20, 2012
When it comes to designing your home, even the smallest details are of the utmost importance.  From the style of furniture, to the fabric it's covered in, you want something that will reflect your personality and own individual flair.  Here at Wilcox Furniture we strive to offer a variety of furniture to our customers to match those needs.  That's why we work closely with our manufacturers to make sure we can give you options.  

Best Home Furnishings is just one of the companies that we work with that will allow you to customize your furniture.  Whether you want to make statements with bold contemporary pieces, or if you're aiming for the traditional look, or something in between, Best allows you to do just that! 
Keeping up with today's trends, Best has developed a line of coastal/tropical fabrics that work great for areas near the water. Here are just a few of the unique fabrics that they have designed. 

The first is a shell print in a neutral colored base fabric.  The color can easily accent whatever room you choose to put it in, and the fun shell print will remind you of those relaxing days at the beach.  Put it in a room that has a view of the water and bring the calming feel of the ocean in to your home. 
The second print is a little more on the tropical side. The leave design can spice up your space with a jungle feel. While the base color is dark, the color of the leaves will add the dash of color you've been looking for. Cover a chair in this fabric, place it in the corner of your room and create your own escape.
The last is sure to be in style for years to come. A contrasting shell print in a classic black and white palette adds just the right touch. Add it into your room for just a pop of print.

That's not all.  Best has plenty more to offer.  So pick your chair, or sofa, or loveseat, whatever you choose, and cover it in a coastal fabric that suits your home.  
"The only thing more important than feeling good, is looking good." 

May 15, 2012
Aspenhome is a manufacturer that creates thoughtfully designed furniture to improve the way people work, play, and relax in their homes.  Recognized as a resource for functional family furniture, the Aspenhome furniture collections are created with you and your family in mind.  Aspenhome furniture is made with natural materials that give each piece inherent beauty and individual characteristics that make every item unique.  The authentic detail and finishes reflect old-world craftsmanship and quality. 
Aspenhome collections are specifically planned out and engineered to give you all the features that will make your home life more enjoyable and relaxed.  It is time to move on from your old furniture that just doesn't fit your lifestyle and your needs any longer, and time to find furniture from Aspenhome that you love to come home to.  What better place to start than your bedroom!

The Cambridge Collection

The Cambridge Collection is versatile, allowing  you to create your own signature look.  Looking for something traditional with a modern twist?  The Cambridge bed is rooted in the traditional style, but with the added storage it has been rescaled for today's living.  The bed has a sleigh headboard, round hardware on the drawers and bun feet.  The low-profile footboard lends a modern appeal to the piece, while the two drawers supply ample space.  The drawers measure a full 23" from front to back, perfect to keep your warm winter blankets and other bulkier items tidily tucked away.

Constructed from solid wood and veneers for durability and transitionally styled to bring your decor a modern take on timeless elegance, this bed will last for years to come. It is available in Twin, Full, Queen, King or California King sizes and in Cherry, Black, or White finishes. 

For furniture built with beautiful style, attention to detail, great functionality, flexibility and durability, Aspenhome is your ideal pick.  Hurry in to Wilcox Furniture and start to refresh and energize your home with Aspenhome. 

April 17, 2012
Need to change up your room on a small budget? You can add "wow" to your room with a few accent pillows and totally revamp the look of your room!

There should be an accent pillow on each seating space, but avoid using just one pillow in  the  corners.  If your room has a modern flair, use one or two small groupings.  For elegant or more traditional rooms, use more pillows in your groupings.  But beware: Too many pillows will add clutter. 

Use different sizes of pillows. Don’t hide small ones behind larger ones, If your sofa, or chair, is one color, don’t be afraid to use patterned pillows. They work best with solid upholstery on the furniture. Want to mix it up some more? Mix up the patterns on your pillows. Have one striped, and another one floral! This will add contrast to your sofa and make the pillows really pop

Using throw blankets can also add some style to your living space. Be sure that the throw brings out an accent color that’s in your pillow design.

With just a few tips, your room can look completely refreshed and ready for company!

March 29, 2012
Among the many brands that we carry, Best Home Furnishings is one of the top.  The company's success story started with a simple theme: to make the best quality product at the most affordable price.  After 50 years of business, Best is still committed to providing quality and total satisfaction to all of their customers. 

From the countless options of furniture and covers that Best offers, the Boscoe motion collection is a perfect example of a group that combines exceptional comfort with stylish upholstery coverings to create your ideal seating group.  This versatile collection includes a rocker recliner loveseat and double recliner sofa that can be grouped together or mixed in with existing decor.  The beautiful contrast stitching provides the perfect amount of detail to enhance any living space.  Padded arms with pillow-style tops, divided seat backs with built-in headrests and reclining features combine to ensure absolute comfort from head to toe.  A simple pull of the exterior handle activates the reclining mechanisms for effortless relaxation.

The Boscoe Collection
 But there is no need to take our word for it.  This group is on display in our showroom, ready for you to come in and see for yourself.  So hurry in and see what total comfort feels like.

The Boscoe Collection- the perfect fit for your home.

March 5, 2012
While we are on the subject of Franklin, check out yet another group they manufacture.  After a long day of non-sto pwork, this reclining furniture collection will step to the forefront to help relieve your tensions.  It is built for convenience and comfort.

Come see it for yourself at Wilcox Furniture
The double reclining sofa features a recliner on either side. A center drop-down seat back, with built-in cup holders and storage, is perfect for keeping your remotes in a safe place. It also has a touch pad control center!

Touch Pad Control Center
The touch pad enables you to control the massage, heat and recline options for both recliners.  For the strongest massage, and the most heat, tap the buttons once.  If it’s too much, another tap will lower them. Push the buttons once more to turn them off.  The recline feature is also activated through the control center.  Push the button and when  you reach the perfect position, push it again.  There are infinite recline positions, which means everyone can find the right level of comfort for them. 

The loveseat is equipped with double recliners, also fitted with power.  Both the sofa and loveseat are covered in smooth chocolate microfiber that is super soft to the touch.  The fully padded footrests, arms and back provide sink-into comfort, while the structured frame gives extra durability. Engineered to provide the ultimate in quality, comfort, and appeal, this collection does all that, and more!

Franklin-Come Home to Comfort.

January 19, 2012
Product innovation is just one of the many reasons to buy Franklin Furniture.  This sectional is a prime example.  It comes equipped with so many features, there's nothing like it!

The sofa alone has more than you can imagine.  To start with, it has powered reclining seats.  That's right...POWERED! No more fumbling with pull handles.  Now reclining is as easy as pushing a button.  With double reclining seats, and a fold-down table with cup holders, it makes any where you sit the perfect seat.  Forget your drink in the fridge? Grab a few of them, and store them in the pull-out drawer with built-in cooler! It keeps everything cool and right at your fingertips!  Still not relaxed? Flip on the massage and feel your stress melt away! Not only that, but it has a pull up headrest with lights built right in. 

Franklin Reclining Sectional
Get more details from our website and YouTube video
The matching reclining loveseat complements the convenience of the sofa, with a storage console; Perfect for storing remotes or even that book you've been reading.  Even better, its also equipped with power recline!  Finding complete comfort has never been this easy! This collection from Franklin Furniture is unlike anything you, or your family, have ever seen.  You can't go wrong with something as unique as you are.

Be unique.  Buy unique.  Buy Franklin!

January 4, 2012

There are so many reasons to buy from Wilcox Furniture.  From our wide selection of items, to the low prices, we strive to provide you and your family with quality product that you can enjoy in your home for years to come! 
Every year, we set higher and higher standards for ourselves to become the number one furniture dealer in South Texas.  Our goals have been achieved!

We have been voted “2011 Best of the Best” Place to Buy Furniture in Corpus Christi!!  We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve the South Texas area.  We will continue to do everything we can to make your shopping experience with us the "best of the best."

December 14, 2011
Wilcox Furniture is proud to be an authorized retailer for La-Z-Boy Furniture.  One of the nation’s most popular brands, La-Z-Boy is hard at work building an all-American invention on American soil.  Every day, recliners, sofas, chairs and more, are produced by hardworking dedicated employees who are driven by a commitment to quality and comfort. The Lancer Collection is a prime example of that high quality furniture.

The Lancer Collection brings you the best reclining pieces of their kind. The mid-size reclining sofa features a casual and comforting design with thick padded arms and clean lines. The polyurethane foam, chaise seat and footrest will give you added comfort, allowing you to recline back and relax.  Grouped with the loveseat, or recliner, or both, the Lancer collection is sure to fit your every need.  With a comfortable and casual style, each piece from this group will easily blend in with the decor of your home.  

Made in the USA, this collection provides you with exceptional quality and the latest features.  Enjoy the custom order fabric or leather of your choice and make your home as personalized as you.  Each recliner is equipped with a lifetime warranty to provide you with a lifetime of happiness with your furniture. Many of the pieces are also available in power option, making your life that much easier. Indulge your home with the comfort you deserve.

November 29, 2011

New Classic-Stylish, quality furniture for every room in your home.
That's exactly what you get from the Hailey Collection.  This casual, traditional bedroom collection from New Classic encompasses the warm feeling of home.

The Hailey Collection is made of oak and oak veneers, with a gentle scalloping detail on all of the pieces. The planking and carving on the panel bed and the soft, matte toffee finish makes this group irresistible.  The bed features a planked headboard and footboard with carved finial posts.  The bottom of the footboard features a scalloped edge while the headboard has a scalloped arched edge encompassing elegance and class.

On the left, a close up of the arched headboard.
Notice the scalloped edge on the footboard is also depicted on the dresser bottom (shown on right).

Other features include: English dovetailed drawers, solid case bottoms, brushed metal hardware and Euro side mounted drawer glides for easy and smooth operating drawers. Not looking for a set to go in your master bedroom? The collection also features a matching Youth Bedroom set as well, to furnish your child's bedroom. 

Available as a Bunkbed, Twin, Full, Queen, or King bed.

As an authorized retail furniture store, be sure to stop by Wilcox Furniture to see more from New Classic Furniture.

November 8, 2011

Looking for a way to update your room and give it a new look? The right accessories make it easy!  Here are a few tips, taken from La-Z-Boy's YouTube channel, on how vases, accent pillows, pictures, lamps and other accessories will bring new life into your décor.

First, you want to start with a blank canvas, so remove all of the accessories that are currently in the room you wish to change.  Then try to decide: Is my room country? Traditional? Modern? Ask yourself: Do the accessories I have go with that style? If not, it’s best to move them to another room and add pieces that do fit in.

As you put your accessories back in, start with the biggest pieces first, such as area rugs and tables. Then work your way down to the smaller pieces: lamps, vases, or pictures.  Your goal is to create coordination, not clutter.  So use odd number groupings, think sets of 3.  Any groupings too large will prevent your accessories from standing out. 

This is an example of a formal living room. Notice the accessories, all in groups of three.
Each end table has three items, as well as the center coffee table: three canisters, three magazines.
Even the sofa is accented with three throw pillows!  Like the group? Check it out on our webpage! 
 If you want to add pictures in your space, try having a common element throughout all of them.  Maybe all of them have the same frame or the same finish; or all of the pictures are printed in sepia, or black and white.  Want to hang your pictures? Don’t go too high, but rather keep the pictures at eye level.

Focus on the pictures in this group.  The ones hanging in the background aren't too high.
Not only that, but the color patterns are the same, as well as the frames. 
The pictures on the end table tie together as well.  Although they are printed differently, the frames match.
Did this group catch your eye? Find out more about it!
Another good tip: look through magazines for some inspiration.  Don’t be afraid to try it yourself.  In the end, you will add character to your room that you, your family, and your guests can all enjoy. 

October 14, 2011
The Franklin 565 leather reclining group is without a doubt a proven winner for Franklin Corporation.  Why you may ask?  For starters, this group features a soft, durable, leather cover that is oh so comfortable! The leather is also double-needle stitched at the seams for extra durability and added eye appeal. The 565 sofa features dual pad over chaise recliners with full recliner capabilities.  That means this sofa is built for comfort, with plush pillow arms and cushioned seating areas! The sofa also features a great drop down tray table with cup holders for family events and gatherings, or just for when you kick back to watch the tube! 

If that’s not enough, the matching loveseat features dual recliners that also act as rocker recliners, so you can truly have it all!  Need even more?  To top it all off, this group features a stylish matching recliner that completes this winning set! So hurry in and see for yourself why this group from Franklin was created with comfort in mind!

September 8, 2011
Wilcox Furniture proudly carries and displays the finest furniture name brands for our customers in Texas. We are an authorized retailer, dealer, reseller, gallery, and distributor of the finest home furniture manufacturers. Each brand we sell shares our philosophy of offering quality furnishings at an outstanding value. One good example is Vaughan Bassett Furniture.
Vaughan Bassett was founded in 1919 and is based in Galax, Virginia.  The company presently employs  over 1200 people who are extremely proud that 99% of Vaughan Bassett furniture is made in the USA by American Employees.  99% of our lumber used comes within 500 miles and 80% within 200 miles of our factory. Vaughan Bassett is the largest manufacturer of wood bedrooms in the US.

The Appalachian Collection is a prime example of the quality
wood bedrooms made by Vaughn Bassett.
Get more info on this collection from the YouTube video!
We use hardwood frames of maple, cherry, oak, ash and other native woods.  Vaughan Bassett manufactures Solid Wood Bedrooms as well as wood groups with veneers.  The veneers used are cherry, oak, walnut, maple and other American species.

The Hamilton/Franklin Collection is one of the more popular bedroom groups.
Find it on the Wilcox Furniture website to get more information.
Vaughan Bassett is a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council of Virginia.  We participate in a “One for One” program planting a tree for every tree cut for furniture.  In 2009  150,000 tree seedlings were contributed to the Virginia Department of Forestry.
Wilcox Furniture is the premiere furniture retailer in Texas and we invite you to come visit our great showroom, for the best selection and the best deals on the top brands.

August 25, 2011

Want to see more of the collection and prices? Go to our website!
Today's American Lifestyle can be described in two words- relaxed and soft.  The Alexander Julian Cottage Colours Collection fits that description perfectly.
The collection is available in 2 wood finishes, Heartland Cherry and Pinstripe Pine.  Even the rings around the knobs add a touch of class.

The painted series is available in 4 colors: Black, Robins Egg Blue, Cottage White and Country Butter.  All the colors mix well with any setting.  For example, Robins Egg Blue works with Green, White or any neutral color.

Two styles of beds are available: Argyle Diamond, which is timeless and appeals to both sexes, or a Sleigh Bed with a horizontal stripe of rugby or shutter styling.  Notice the detail at the base of each bed. 2 Beds, 4 sizes - each available in twin, full queen or king – and available in 6 colors gives an option of 48 beds.

Close up of detail for Argyle Diamond design on left, and Sleigh bed on the right.
There is a variety of cases each offering custom tailoring including 2 night stands, 2 dressers and 2 mirrors.  All pieces come with custom hardware with a jewelry motif look.  There are many youth choices in the collection.  Bunk beds come twin over twin, twin over full or a trundle is available.  Desk, hutch and chair are available to complete the youth group in all colors.

Whether it is cottage living, country or condo, Cottage Colours is suitable for any age and any setting.

Looking for more detail?  Check out our video on this collection!

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